The coach player relationship is paramount in the development of the player. The coach often takes on many roles up and beyond that of coaching tennis.  Below are 10 things a good coach does acord into Alistar McCaw; how does you coach compare to these principals.

1. They know what motivates their athletes.

2. Has good timing of words. Waits for the right moment.

3. Creates an atmosphere of positivity, energy and confidence.

4. Is honest and direct. Tells an athlete what they need to hear and not always what they want to hear.

5. Has patience and sees the bigger picture.

6. Communicates and connects with the athlete well.

7. Also see’s the athletes point of view and listens to what the athlete has to say.

8. Stays calm under pressure and in stressful moments.

9. Constantly challenges the athlete, raising the bar to higher levels.

10. Keeps working on themselves to be an even better coach.