Recently I started Pilates at a local Studio in East Malvern in an attempt to start getting on top off some continuing lower back issues. As a former professional tennis player I always understood the value you of body balance, core strength and over all health, but have found Acacia Health has enhanced my knowledge as well as strengthened my body.

Below is an article from their website which really applies to everyone, you the parent or your children.

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What kind of car do you drive?

I love a good analogy. And I love a question that is both thought provoking and confronting.

When working out the desired goals of a new patient (with a goal to become pain free and move well) or client (with a goal to improve overall health, strength and fitness), one of the questions I commonly ask is, “What kind of car do you drive?”

Following a moment of silence and blank stare, I elaborate by saying that you can compare your body (inside workings and outer appearance) to that of a motor vehicle (the inside working engine and external chassis & body). So… what kind of car do you currently drive? And more importantly, what kind of car would you prefer to be driving?

I love this analogy, because in a lot of ways the motor vehicle has been modeled on the amazing human anatomy and physiology (the table below is my interpretation of like for like comparison).

Motor Vehicle Human
External & Internal Body, Lights,        Wipers, Bumpers, Seats, etc Outer Skin, Hair, Nails, Eyes, Teeth,  etc
Internal Engine Internal systems (cardiovascular, digestive, etc)
Exhaust Pipe You know what and where…
Petrol and Oil Food and Fluids
Motor Mechanic Service Regular check-ups and treatments with your medical doctor, massage therapist and chiropractor
Car Wash Dental hygiene, shower/bath and other personal hygiene
Motor vehicle upgrades (body or engine) Plastic Surgery

So… how do you get to “drive a Ferrari” when you’re currently driving an old bomb? (i.e. how do you get your body to perform at it’s peak potential when you’re struggling to muster up enough energy to get through your day?)

  1. Move lots (all day every day;  sitting is the new smoking!)
  2. Be Active (i.e. incidental exercise)
  3. Exercise regularly (6 times per week… group training classes, sports, run, swim, etc…)
  4. Train for something (fun run/walk, bike ride, “Tough Mudder”, etc…)
  5. Good Nutrition (“what you eat in private you wear in public”, “you are what you eat”, “what you put in is what you get out”, etc…)
  6. adequate Rest and Sleep
  7. Maintain Your Muscle and Bone Health (regular treatments with Your Family Chiropractor and Massage Therapist)

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You can check out more articles on their website and even book your FREE introductory session if you live in the area.