The Vida Tennis annual 3 day Australian Open camp we held at the Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club from the 9th to the 11th of Jan 2014. 45 kids, 11 Vida coaches, 8 specialist presenters and parents had a great 3 days.

A big thank you from all the Vida coaches involved form all the various venues for joining use for the three days;

  • Vince Dattoli – Veneto Club Bulleen / Xavier College
  • Ashleigh Richardson – Veneto Club Bulleen
  • Mark Peel – Altona Tennis Club
  • Kristina Pejkovic – Altona Tennis Club
  • David Jonkers – Swan Hill Lawn Tennis Club
  • Justin Raiti – Mildura Lawn Tennis Club
  • Ryan Palfrey – Essendon Tennis Club
  • Angelo Giampaolo – Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club
  • Kane Dewhurst – Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club / St. Kevin’s College
  • Blake Robertson – Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club
  • Eliza Long – Hitting partner before head to US College

Vida Team

Our guest presenters and speakers;

  • Vicki – Nutrition – Acacia Health
  • Joe – Pilates – Acacia Health
  • Jen – Screenings – Sportsspinal health
  • Matt – Fitness testing
  • Damien – Mental Skills – Vida Mind
  • Damien – College Tennis – Aussie Athletes Agency
  • Marco Chiudinelli –  ATP touring professional
  • Mark Waters – Fitness specialist – touring WTA & ATP coach

And of course a big thank you to all the kids who made the camp a great 3 days with their energy and enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you on the court again enjoying and improving your skills.

Below are some of the highlights, images and an overview;

Group Re size long


The morning session was a 90 minute session after the warm up where each child was placed into their group. The theme of the session was directional hitting and ball control. As the day started to heat up we moved into the technique analysis. Each child had their forehand and back hand images taken on camera and analysed. There were key fundamentals in swing line, movement and body weight transference spoken about and followed up on during the 90 minute session.

While half the group did their video analysis the other half were taken through Nutrition for tennis. Vicki from Acacia Health talked about what to eat before, pro and in between matches and also talked through hydration. If you would like to follow up with Vicki at any stage you can find out all details on the following website.

The afternoon session consisted of three themes;

  • Fitness Testing and running technique.
    • All players received a certificate with their results and Tennis Australia benchmarks on the final day. The session was taken by Dr Matt Bonadio who has a Masters in Exercise Science and is a practicing Chiropractor. Matt also took the kids through running technique to help develop their stride patterns.
  • Serve Video Analysis
    • Each child had their images taken and analysed
  • Net Play – Volley Technique

The day finished with all kids very tired and 150 litres of water drunk from the large iced container. Below is their stretching session to finished the day.

Group Stretching 1

Below are some further images from the day.

Vicky Nutrition Zac Vid An Vince Caitlin Vidoe Anal Verticle Jump Puch Up Test Mark Tech Jayden vid anal Girl Backhand Charlie Bond Beep Test Angelo Auston Bona Fitness Vida


The second day of the camp started a little earlier at 8am with two groups on court working on movement patterns and live ball pattern hitting. The specific movement patterns working on were; moving forwards to the short ball, end range wide ball and moving back in the court to the defensive ball.

The third group started with a Pilates & Core Stability session. Joe from Acacia Health took the 45 minute session and spoke about the importance on body balance, mobility, posture, flexibility and more. The tennis specific session was great for the kids to see the type of work needed to reduce the chance on injury and improve performance. If you would like to follow up with Joe please click on the following website link.

Pilates 4 Pilates 1 Pilates 2 Pilates 3

After a short break the groups broke into two with on court live ball point play and a video session on the following;

  • Recovery Positions
  • Serve – where to expect the return and why
  • Doubles – court positioning and roles of the net player
  • Change of direction of the Pro’s
  • Why the forehand must be the weapon

Once both groups had completed the two themes there was a quick lunch and off to Melbourne Park on the train. At Melbourne Park the kids were able to play some Hot Shots Mini Tennis, watch some qualifying matches, see main draw players train and listen to our two guest speakers.

Vida kids on train Group outside Rod Laver

We were fortunately to have Mark “Muddy” Waters speak to the kids about his experiences working with some of the worlds best players in his long career. These include; Rafter, Hewitt, Dementieva, The Woodies, The Australian David Cup Team, Barty and more. Muddy is a legend in Australian Tennis circles for his ability to get the best out of the players movement, strength and body.

Muddy Waters Jess and Lenny hot shots

Just before we ended the day the group had the privilege of current ATP play Marco Chiudinelli coming out of the gym and speaking with the group about his experiences on tour. A little info about Marco;

  • A player from Switzerland who turned pro in 2000
  • David Cup Team 2005 – 2014 (with Roger Federer and Stan Warwinka)
  • Played in the longest Davis Cup match of all time – 7 hours 2 minutes
  • In 2010 Marco reached a career high of 52 and won the ATP comeback player of the year after knee surgery the previous year.
  • Has competed in all Grand Slams including matches against Federer, Djokovic, Tsonga, Nadal and more.
  • Recorded a win over world number 4 David Ferrer

Click here to view his ATP tour Profile

Click here to view his webpage

Marco Group Small

Marco Josh Sign Marco talking 1

Marco Talking Sisters


Day 3 kicked of with the on court focus being more live ball hitting and decision making within points. There were also some court rotations of technical review. The off court session, Mental Skills, was delivered by Dr Damian Lafont. Damien has recently arrive in Australia from France and presented at the Australian Open Coaches conference the previous day. Damien has now joined the Vida team in 2014. He is a world leader in mental training, have written for the ITF, is an author (Back to the Zone) and will be a key note speaker at many conferences world wide. You can find more about Damien at the follow web site (click here).

Mental Skills

 The mid morning session followed on from the previous days doubles white board session with the kids asked to put what they had learnt into play. It was great to see the kids start to understand some of the key court positions and themes in doubles.

During the lunch break we had a college tennis presentation from Damien Ward who is a part of the Aussie Athletes Agency. It gave a great insight into the potential pathways of a young tennis player. Damien is a former ATP ranked and US college tennis player himself and is now placing kids in their ideal colleges in all sports. Eliza Long also spoke about her experience in the process of getting recruited as she starts her journey. Eliza will start at Baylor University in August 2014 after securing a scholarship to study and play tennis.

Damien can be contacted on [email protected]

Wardy College Tennis Screenings Photo

The last off court session of the day tied into the previous days Pilates session and was delivered by Jen from Sportspinal Health. The focus was on Muscular Skeletal Screening (Injury Prevention). What a screening is, how is can help prevent injury and improve performance. For more information you can email us for an info sheet or contact Jen at [email protected] 03 9819 5944

Below is a few other images from the camp.

Camp 16 Camp 1 Camp 2 Camp 3 Camp 4 Camp 5 Camp 6 Camp 7 Camp 8 Camp 9 Camp 10 Camp 11 Camp 12 Camp 13 Camp 14 Camp 15

Below is a copy of the three day plan.

Hope to see you all again very soon back on the courts enjoying and improving your tennis.


Thursday 9th Jan

Start Time: Player registration is from 8.45am

Where to meet: On arrival please head upstairs to the main club house area and register

Format: You will be given a colour which will be your group for the camp. As we don’t know everyone we may need to move some players into different groups during the first on court morning session. If you would like to placed with a certain person please let us know on the day or email Kane [email protected]

Vida Team & Who is coming on Day 1: The Vida Team from all venues will be joined by Vicki Kuriel from Acacia Health.Vicki will give the kids an understanding on eating for tennis and nutrition. Vicki is also a Pilates instructor and trainer but will focus on eating for tennis and nutrition at the camp. She is a monthly writer for the Triathlon Magazine about various nutrition topics and is considered an expert in her filed by her peers for sports nutrition. You may like to think of a few questions for her before the first day.

Dr Matt Bonadio will be back in 2014 to test the kids fitness in tennis specific areas. Matt has a Masters in Exercise Sports Science, is a practicing Chiropractor and a former elite AFL footballer. The kids will receive their testing results with age benchmarks. In the testing rotation Matt will also work through efficient running technique.

What to Bring: Racquets, Drink Bottle, Towel, Snack, Lunch, change of clothes (optional)

Finish Time: 4pm

Below is an overview of the timing of the day;

Day 1

Friday 10th Jan

Start Time: Players are to be on court ready to start at 8am, so please arrive at 7.45am.

Where to meet: On arrival please head upstairs to the main club house area and leave your bags and head to your court

Vida Team & Who is coming: The Vida Team from all venues will be joined by Joe Kuriel from Acacia Health. Joe will take the group through a core stability / Pilates session specific for tennis. Joe comes from a sporting background himself, still competing in Ironman events. He is a qualified Chiropractor, Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor and Massage Therapist. He has a wealth of knowledge in helping develop young bodies holistically. The session will give practice exercises to highlight mobility, flexibility, body balance, injury prevention and more. This session will then link with the Muscular Skeletal Screening session on the last day.

There will also be a couple of special guests who will speak to the group on the day. These include; tennis players, on tour coaches & fitness trainers, other sporting people.

What to Bring: Racquets, Drink Bottle, Towel, Snack, Lunch, change of clothes (optional), MYKI Card

Other Info: We will be walking as a group to Jordanville station and catching the train to Richmond to attend the Aus Open qualifying for the afternoon. Kids will require their own MYKI card. Parents are welcome to come along or meet in front of Hisence Arena at 5.30pm to collect their own kids (please inform a Vida Coach). Otherwise pick up will be from Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club.

Finish Time: Estimated time of return – 6pm

Below is an overview of the timing of the day;

 Day 2

Saturday 10th Jan

Start Time: Player  are to arrive at 8.45am for a 9am start

Where to meet: On arrival please head upstairs to the main club house area and leave your bags and head to your court

Vida Team & Who is coming: There will be three off court themes during the day of which parents are invited to attend two. The off court morning session will be a mental skills for tennis session. We are fortunate on two front, first to have Damien Lafont join us for the camp, but also join the Vida Team in 2014. Damien, from France, is a world leader in mental training, have written for the ITF, is an author (Back to the Zone) and will be a key note speaker at the Australian Open coach conference 2014. You can find more about Damien at the follow web site (click here)

Parents are invited to the two afternoon sessions. The first session will be taken by Damian Ward from the Aussie Athletes Agency, on the topic of College Tennis in the USA. Damien is a former college tennis player, professional tennis player and WTA player coach. This session is optional for the kids and is during the lunch break. Parents are invited to attend if they want to find out more about the college pathway.

The second afternoon sessions is a Muscular Skeletal Screening (Injury Prevention) session from Sports spinal. The session will follow on from the Pilates session and highlight what a screening is, how it helps prevent injury in growing bodies, how to plan your off court program based on science and more. Again parents are invited to listen in with the kids.

Times for these sessions are in the table below.

What to Bring: Racquets, Drink Bottle, Towel, Snack, Lunch, change of clothes (optional)

Finish Time: 4pm

Below is an overview of the timing of the day;

 Day 3


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