Being a tennis parent can be challenging, especially if your child has ambitions of becoming a touring professional.  There are many coaching methods and structures to choose from.  The most popular for aspiring professionals are mainly;

  • Squads

  • Private lessons

  • Groups lessons

  • Hitting sessions

  • Matches/Tournaments

Most players need a good mixture of both, especially match play.  But how important are private lessons?  According to Lisa Stone, a tennis writer mainly focusing on tennis parents, they are very important.  She believes that especially is the skill acquisition stage private lessons are very important to making sure players are getting their technique right from the start as it is obviously much easier for the coach to correct issues one on one.  She also believes that creating a good relationship based on trust is also beneficial for players.


“For a beginning player, private lessons can be the key in getting them off on the right foot, technique-wise. It’s very difficult for a coach to catch every flaw in a group setting, so investing in private lessons up front can put your child in good stead moving forward. One or two lessons a week, supplemented by group drills is a good way to start.

For players who are past the beginner stage, one group lesson each week is usually sufficient to make sure the player isn’t falling into any bad technical habits. At the end of the lesson, ask the coach to give your child specific tasks to work on during the next week. The coach should hold the player accountable for practicing between lessons so progress is being made. Otherwise, you could find yourself paying for lesson after lesson with no positive improvement in your child’s game”

For more of what Lisa thinks on this issue you can click here

What do you think about this issue?  We would love to hear what you think and what you are looking for in a private coach.