Keep Improving!

So the school holidays are coming, and you’ve got lots of time for yourself.  Some people will have tournaments and others may not.  Usually, most tennis lessons take a break from regular sessions throughout the holidays.  So how can you keep working on your game without going to your private lesson or squad?  There are many ways to do this.  Some you can do by yourself and others with some friends for family.  So lets take some time to go through some of the ways you can work on your game over the the break!

By your self.

Hitting against a wall.  Kane Dewhurst wrote a great article on the subject last year, referencing Roger Federer and his success with hitting against a wall.  The obvious advantages are that you get a lot more repetition with your strokes with less time.  Great, but what happen if you don’t have a wall? Grab your racquet and a ball you try some tricks and racquets skills.  The better you can control your racquet, the more touch you are going to have around the court.

Tennis is a game of fitness, so if you become fitter then you will become a better player.  Going for a run a few times per week can dramatically improve your endurance throughout a match which makes decision making a lot easier as a match wears on.  Time your runs, and try and beat your time before school goes back!


Watch some youtube/online videos.  With so much information online, jump on and search your favourite players. Maybe you can see what they do to train.  Additionally, your might some some motivation or footwork drills?  The list is endless.

With a friend

If you can organise a hit with a friend that’s perfect.  However, make sure you set some goals to be achieved through the hit.  Here are some helpful things to think about when hitting by yourself without a coach pushing you on.

  • Don’t let the ball bounce twice on purpose

  • Set consistency goals before you play points (50 in row, 100 in a row)

  • See how many serves in a row you can hit against your friend

  • Play points with themes (volley winner gets 3 points)

  • Put something on the line when playing points or a match (winner gets to relax while partner bags and waters the courts)

The holidays are a great time to relax and unwind the brain from school and other commitments.  It also gives everyone a chance to have more time and if you want to improve your game, sitting on the couch and playing tennis on Xbox won’t help!

Justin Raiti

Coach, Vida Tennis