The serve in tennis is the unarguably the most important shot in the game. It is also the most technically difficult for players of all ages and standards to learn as there are many moving part, timing sequences and key positions a player must get into through out the action.

The following video is a great teaching tool and something everyone can take something from. It is an overview of how Oscar Borras helped Rafa and Toni Nadal make some changes to Rafa’s serve. You will notice as the video continues Rafa & Toni start to develop trust with Oscar and buy into his ideas. The trust relationship between player and coach is very important, and often is more important at the higher level. What is also great to see is Rafa & Toni’s ability to taken on advice, be open to learn and change.

For those of you who have done serving lesson with Vida Tennis you will see many of the same steps you undertook. You may have done one of these steps, but more likely many.

Like it says in the video, Oscar didn’t invent how to serve, he just showed a process of how to implement it for better results. The key fundamentals are the same with all players and are showing in this video;

  1. Throwing – develop efficient throwing positions, power and technique
  2. Identify the problem – video analysis
  3. Set Up position – getting the player to understand where the key position is (Trophy)
  4. Half Swing Practice – Start in the ideal Trophy position (Half Swing) – start muscle memory and reduce other movements
  5. Practice from Half Court – racquet head speed, pronation, power and snap
  6. Tossing Arm Position – stretch distance, ball toss position and weight transference
  7. Rhythm of the Footwork – fluency and momentum
  8. Re-evaluate – Video Analysis

A great video for all levels of players.

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2010 French Open - Day Seven