The role of the parent in the development of a child’s tennis can not be under estimated. is a great tool to help in the process developed by leading Sports Psychologist and former Professional tennis player Anthony Ross. Fostering well-being through sport

The Road To Sport Parenting Success…

Why You’re Important
Learn why your sport parenting responses are more important than you ever imagined
What to Do
Learn how you can use sport to develop your child’s sense of importance, emotional intelligence, competence, and resilience
Why It’s Challenging
Learn why sport parenting can be challenging for any parent
How to Do it
Learn the process that will help you take this knowledge and turn it into action

Results Summary

Our results suggest that:

1:Well-Being supportive sport parent behaviours as suggested by are important for parents to achieve since students’ self esteem, self-efficacy, and well-being are correlated with parents’ sport behaviour.

2:The quality of sport parent behaviours as suggested by improves after participation in our service.

3:Students’ self-esteem and self-efficacy improve as the quality of parental sport behaviour improves.