Rafael Nadal is known in sporting circles as having an amazing work ethic. His coach and uncle, Toni, was asked his thoughts on how to have a strong work ethic: 

Don’t expect instant results. You have to be prepared to work for a long time. “The problem in this life is that young people want everything quickly – they want everything right now – and they don’t always want to work, work, work. But you do need to work. Maybe someone needs one hour to learn how to do something – like how to play a topspin forehand – and someone else needs two hours, but you need ten hours, or even twenty. You need your mind to appreciate that it could take a long time. You have to be prepared for that.”

If you work hard, you can achieve anything. “Nothing in this life is difficult. If you work correctly and work hard, you can do anything.”

To be good at anything in this life, you need to work – I never make a distinction between tennis players and anyone else. “If you want to be a good tennis player it’s the same as if you want to be a good footballer or a good lawyer or a good anything. You have to work hard.”

Nadal uncle toni