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When I was travelling and competing professionally in the early 2000’s I played a tournament in a beautiful little town on the edge of the Swiss Alps. In the Quarter Finals of the doubles I had to play another Aussie guy named Anthony Ross. I remembered hearing that he had won the tournament the week before so I thought he must be pretty good.

But I did some scouting and I kept hearing a similar story. Players would generally say something like, “He’s got no serve, poor athlete, a bit of a dodgy forehand, not sure how he wins so many matches.”

It wasn’t long into the match that I had figured out how he won…He fought like crazy and was a bit of a kamikaze around the net. And although my partner and I beat him that day, I left the match mentally drained and with a real feeling that I wouldn’t like to have to try to do it again because he would likely make it even tougher on me next time…

I wasn’t surprised at all that Rossy (nickname) took his dodgy serve, lack of athletic ability, and dodgy forehand and went on to do so well on tour; play at some of the biggest tournaments in the world including Wimbledon with and against some of the world’s best players including World #1s and Grand Slam Champions.

I’m also not surprised to see his development into one of the world’s leading sport psychologists.

Kane Dewhurst – Director Vida Tennis


At Vida we are dedicated to providing the most effective, cutting edge resources for you and your child to reach their potential both on and off the court. Therefore, it’s exciting to reveal our partnership with Anthony Ross from Mentally Tough Tennis and what it can do for you.

Our coaches and Vida Mind mental coach Damien Lafont have recently completed Anthony’s 4A Cycle Coach Course which we’ve found to be incredibly beneficial. He also offers a parent and player course.

To discover how Anthony’s 4A Cycle process will help you or your child, you can sign up for his FREE parent information series that will show you how his 4A Cycle process can reduce your child’s concentration lapses, choking, anger, and giving up… You can get Anthony’s FREE parent information series here:

Here is some more information with all the links required below;

What is the 4A Cycle?4ACycle[1]

The 4A Cycle is a performance process developed by Anthony that boosts coach effectiveness and player mental toughness.

  • Based on skills Anthony applied during his record setting college career
  • Backed by research
  • Refined during his work as a coach and psychologist
  • Implemented with the world’s best

Who is Anthony? 

Anthony is a former Wimbledon player, now coach and tennis specific psychologist. He has taught the 4A Cycle Mental Toughness Process to Juniors aged 10-18 (including World #1’s); the 2014 National High School Championship Winning Brisbane Boys College; the 2014 NCAA Championship Winning USC Men’s Team (USA College); and ATP/WTA Tour Title winners; and Recreational Players of All Standards

The 4A Cycle Course – What You and/or Your Child Get

  1. The 5 Module 4A Cycle Mental Toughness Course (that players/parents pay $4000 to complete in person with Anthony)
  2. FREE Bonus #1- The Mindfulness Attention Activities Package (Mindfulness is the skill that Novak Djokovic says is as important to him as physical training in his book ‘Serve to Win’ ($50 Value)
  3. FREE Bonus #2 (for parents)- Parents get access to the parent education course that Anthony has completed with Parents of Junior Grand Slam Champions (Usually priced $47)
  4. FREE Bonus #3- Revealed after you/your child registers for the course.

For the next 10 days only, he’s also granting the Vida community access to his 4A Cycle Player Mental Toughness Course for the special discount price of $197 (Usually $397), so you/your child can develop mental toughness independently as well.

Additionally, as part of your/your child’s registration we will also be offering the 1st 20 registered players using the Vida Code (below) a FREE 30 MIN consultation with Damien designed to consolidate you / your child’s course learning.

Vida Tennis Code: 375KD. Please use the links below to use this code.

What It’ll Do For You/You and Your Child… 

  • Reduce difficult tennis parenting experiences
  • Improve your/your child’s mental toughness
  • Improve your child’s future college and professional tennis prospects
  • Teach you/your child a process that can be applied to benefit performance in other areas (school/work)

What To Do Next…

  • If You Are a Parent: Go to (Course for junior players)
  • If You Are an Adult Player: Go to (Course for adult players)
  • Watch Anthony’s introduction video then either:
    • Click on the Register Now Button and register for the course using your email and our Vida Tennis Coach Registration Code: 375KD


IMPORTANT– Our Unique Code Expires in 10 days (15th December) – LAST CHANCE – 16th Now! Act now to avoid missing out on this opportunity…

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