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The Vida “my Progress Program” enables kids to monitor progress along their tennis journey. The aim of the my progress program is to highlight and fast track their development to playing real tennis. As the levels progress the child’s knowledge, ability and confidence grows enabling transition from the co-operative themes to compete.

Level “Deuce” Theme & Link to Competition

Level Deuce has a co-operative theme using the Hot Shots Orange Ball in a modified court space but is starting the transition into the compete theme. This is also the time when the child can be introduced into “real tennis” game play within a Hot Shots Orange League. 

The my Progress Deuce level is the fourth level in the eight stage program and your child has achieve the following in each of the six key learning areas to achieve their certificate;


  • Can rally from the service line with coach.
  • Begin to use topspin on the ball


  • Can rally from the service line with coach.
  • Begin to use topspin on the ball.

Net Play

  • Start the transition between a double handed volley to a single handed volley.

Serve & Return

  • Be able to serve with an abbreviated back swing and get it over the net.

Game Base

  •  Understand the main rules of the game.

Physical Development

  • Has developed efficient running technique.
  • Is able to perform a bridge with correct technique.


My Progress Deuce Certificate Small

What is the Next Level and What do I have to do to achieve it?

my Progress

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On Certificate Question

Q. What are the main rules of tennis?

     Do you know all the names of the grips used in tennis?

A. As you are getting ready to start “real tennis” in competition play you will need to know the main rules of the game. Following on from the previous level (level 40 where you learnt about tennis scoring), here is a brief overview of some more important things to know;

Rules of the serve

Rules of Tennis: How do you start the match? To start the match the two players need to decide who is going to serve first. This is done by tossing a coin, spinning a racquet (up or down) or any method in which one person has the choice. The winner of the toss has the following options

  • To serve
  • To receive
  • To select an end
  • To defer (let their opponent have first choice)

Once the winner of the toss has made their selection, the other player will make the second choice. The result will be one player serving from a particular end.

When can you serve? The server can not serve until the receiver is ready to play.

When the ball touches the line, is the ball in or out? The ball in consider IN if it touches the line. A general rule for un umpired matches, is that if you are unsure, then continue to play the point.

How many bounces can the ball have? One only

Can I hit the ball on the full during a rally? Yes you can, it is called a volley or a smash.

Can I hit the serve on the full? No, and if the ball strikes the opponent on the full, the receiver will automatically lose the point.

When do you change sides in a set? Players shall change sides after the first game and every two games after that. An easy way to remember if when ever the total number of games adds up to an odd number.

What is the order of serving in doubles? The Pair who have to serve first in the first game of each set shall decide which partner shall do so, and the other pair shall decide similarly.  The partner of the player who served the first game shall serve in the third game.  The order of service having been decided shall not be altered in the set, but it may be changed at the beginning of a new set.

What is the receiving order during doubles? The pair who have to receive service in the first game of each set shall decide which partner will receive the first service. Partners shall receive the service alternately throughout each game and the order will not be altered during the set, but may be changed at the beginning of a new set.

Rules image

Tennis Grips used in all shots – a short video guide

The Volley Grip was not covered in the video but it is the same as the serve grip (Continental) for both forehand and backhand volley grips.