Nexus full body Fitness is located at the Veneto Club and has a great offer for all in the Vida Tennis family. You can find out more information at their website

At Nexus Full Body Fitness, we are all about Results, pure and simple. That’s why our clients lose an average of 4.5kg’s in their first 6 weeks training with us! We are 100% dedicated to help you achieve RESULTS. This is our promise to you.

How do we get YOU results?

We work together and get to know you to help you achieve amazing results we spend a lot of time during your initial consultations getting to know you, your goals, your mindset and your important time frames. We will not give up on you (even when you do). We promise to always follow up with you until you have achieved what you set out to achieve.

Why is Nexus different?
Full Member Customisation.

At Nexus we provide a personalised experience to ALL gym members with goal based consultations and results orientated programs suited to your individual needs be they fat loss, muscle gain, rehabilitation or sports specific. Be it through our regular 6 Week Body Transformation Challenges (6WBT), Personal Training, Group Training or fully customised Memberships & Nutritional programs we believe if you’re not achieving weekly results then what’s the point?  We won’t leave your success to chance.  Dreams / Goals + Strategy = RESULTS!

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Education and Motivation

There is far more to Nexus than exercise! Via our various forums, Facebook page, Blogs and Emails we provide education, motivation, solutions and explanations to the various questions and needs you communicate to us every day.

You will be part of a community

Nexus is a small and friendly community, we know our members names have time for a chat and everyone is treated equally and with respect.