So how do the pro’s go through a match without a coach helping them?  Some coach themselves, some use their trained up memory, and others take notes and read them throughout  a match.  Women now have a chance to have a coach come out between sets but still, this leaves a lot of time without coaching contact.

So apart from the obvious things a player needs to think about, there are other things that need to be reiterated to make sure the correct focus is being followed.  The change of ends is a great time to relax, but also to make sure the mental side of the match is staying sharp.  This is where reading notes can make a big impact.

Andy Murray was recently seen reading hand-written notes during a match (as pictured).  One would expect there to be in depth notes of game plan or lengthy mental objectives.  But no, Andy has simple notes to trigger things he already knows.  He used these to stay focused at the change of ends. So therefore, if a top 5 in the world is doing why shouldn’t you?


Everyone is different, but I think this is something worth thinking about.  Try it in your next match.  Try different types of notes.  Some notes might be about the game plan of that specific player, some might be generic no matter the situation.

Give it a go, maybe it will help you get through that tough part of a match and kick-start some confidence to go deeper into a tournament.

Justin Raiti

Coach, Vida Tennis