“To create life opportunities for each individual through the sport of tennis”

Whether your goal is the world stage or personal best, a life opportunity is waiting for you.


Vida Tennis Academy, located in Victoria Australia has become the measuring stick by which all other academies are compared. Our learning environment is contagious and encompasses hard work, fun, eneregy, passion and intensity, seting Vida Tennis apart from the field. The Vida Team is dedicated to each individual in a holistic manner ensuring the ongoing progression of technique, physical, mental, and tactical developments for tennis. It is our goal that no player will ever stop developing due to technical deficiency. Vida Tennis don’t just produce players, we create life opportunities for people. Whether your goal is the world stage or personal best we have a program for you.


Vida Tennis Academy is committed to each individual. There are many aspects to producing an all rounded tennis player as well as an all rounded person in tennis lessons. Vida is dedicated to doing both, thus creating life opportunity for the individual. “The real great make you feel that you can become great”. Vida Tennis believes that creating the correct environment for the individual is paramount to the development of the player. Maintaining balance in and out of training is also essential to keep the players’ minds stimulated, alert and active. Each individual player has different needs and requirements, therefore the correct environment for a player will differ slightly from person to person, but the underlying rationale is that they can continue to grow and develop their game in a holistic manner.

Teach what’s essential, Encourage what’s natural, Allow for the individual

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Below are the four primary aspects that Vida Tennis focuses on during their sessions:

• Using biomec principles to produce correct efficient movements, mechanics and actions to execute strokes.
• Large body parts drive the smaller body parts.
• Vida believes that it takes a minimum of 10,000 repetitions to complete one technique change in a closed skill environment, therefore it becomes automatic and will not break down under pressure in an open skill environment.

• We encourage players to become a student of the game, to understand why, when and how things happen.
• We also believe each player must know their own game before they can break down their opponents.
• Routines, set plays & match analysis are emphasised
• Players must have both technique and physical attributes to execute tactically.

• Efficient and effective movements are key components, essential to success & injury prevention, and allow each shot to be executed with balance & posture.
• Core strength, dynamic movement, speed, agility, reaction time & explosive power and are all key ingredients in creating a successful player.
• As the game becomes faster this component becomes more prevalent.

• We believe that in elite sport 90% of success is based on mental ability, attitude & environment.
• We strive to train and teach mental skills during all types of private & squad sessions.
• We encourage all players to seek professional assistance, when required, as it can impact greatly on their life and game development.

As leaders in player development in Australia, we invite you to come and advance your tennis. Contact a Vida team member to arrange a suitable time for a 30minute assessment of your game!