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Playtime 0-2 years old

Find out everything you need to know about encouraging your 0-2 year old’s physical development. With an ever growing list of almost 100 simple step-by-step videos full of practical advice and an easy to understand timeline of ‘milestones’ your child should be reaching, this is the perfect App for every parent!

• WATCH heaps of entertaining videos filled with practical advice and play activities you can do with your child to encourage their physical development in a fun way.
• DOWNLOAD any or all of the videos to watch anytime offline.
• SEARCH videos based on age, activity style and much more.
• ADD VIDEOS TO FAVOURITES so you can easily re-watch and share without searching.
• EXPLORE our timeline or developmental milestones — a great guide to what physical milestones your child should be reaching when.

Playtime 2 – 4 year old

Get the tools to help your 2-4 year old be happy and healthy!

Playtime 4 – 6 years old

Further encourage your 4-6 year olds overall physical and sports development with this great App. An ever growing list of almost 150 step-by-step videos will guide you through a range of different games and activities designed to be fun while also improving a range of skills. The perfect fun way to keep them healthy!