The physical demands on a professional tennis player have never been so great. So how does Roger Federer continue to show up at tournament after tournaments ready both physically and mentally. The following article highlights some of the behind the scenes work the champion tennis player does to give him the best chance for success.

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Roger Federer’s workout routine

Displaying a serve-smashing dominance on court and winning 17 grand slam titles with no major injury except a persistent back pain, Roger Federer has been the most consistent tennis player so far.

His consistency is a result of maintaining a great fitness level and deploying superb technique with every hit. Some call him a natural athlete, and that he has a gifted genetic make-up, but his coach, Pierre Paganini zips all mouths sonorously at once, “Having a potential is one thing, but to express it for 70 matches a year is something else. Saying he is naturally gifted that way would be like watching a ballet and admiring its beauty, but forgetting the hard work put behind it.”

We couldn’t agree more with you coach!

According to the Paganini, a tennis player is not a sprinter, a marathon runner or a shot-put thrower. But he does need something from all of them. When on court, you should be able to summon all of these qualities.

Unlike his counterparts like Hewitt and Nadal, who play the same style and deliver same type of shots repeatedly, Federer is known as a creative player. He improvises shots dur­ing any match. And to be able to execute many different movements, coach worked with Federer to achieve a “coordinated creativity“.

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