Pat Rafter was one of the greatest exponents of the serve & volley, approach the net, style of game. But has this style of game become extinct?

Many say it has but as the game evolves there will always be a place for this style if executed well. The following three video’s of Pat Rafter gives you examples of the following;

  • Speed of movement after the serve
  • Wide base in the split step to maintain balance
  • Forward movement into each volley
  • Contact point on the volley in front of the body
  • Minimal racquet work, the power in the volley comes from movement & forward momentum
  • Low balance head position on half volley
  • Intensity and work rate in movement
  • Court position, cover the line and close the net

The following video highlights some approach shot and forward movement to the net from not only Rafter but various other players. You will notice the following;

  • Rafter’s work rate in closing down the net as quick as possible
  • His wide base and length on stride moving forward
  • Court position covering the line
  • Racquet work on the volley compact

The last of the video’s is “Serve & Volley with Pat Rafter” and was featured on Fuzzy Yellow Ball’s website. Pat discusses his thoughts on the art of the serve and volley.