Tennis does not have a clear pathway to achieve many aspiring tennis players’ goals and there is no one fixed way to achieve your goals in the sport. Not every player can or wants to play on the world stage but tennis can create an amazing life opportunity to help you achieve many things; travel, meet great people, get an education, stay active & healthy, achieve personal best, impact others through coaching or just have a passion for the sport in your local club.

In this post we will look at two options in the tennis pathway other than becoming a professional tennis player, College Tennis and Tennis Coaching.

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College Tennis – USA

College tennis in the United States gives tennis players an opportunity to continue their development whilst getting an education. It is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences an aspiring tennis player will encounter and can open many door for tennis, work and life. Tennis scholarships can fully fund the opportunity of playing full-time tennis, compete against universities all across the USA and of course get a university degree.

College Tennis is a goal for many players and parents, and if this is your goal then you should start to learn about benefits, recruiting process, and options as early as possible. There are many pathways to success as a professional tennis player and one of these is the US College pathway.

The level is extremely high and the set-up very professional. College tennis certainly does not close the door to the professional game. The likes of James Blake, John Isner, Mike and Bob Brian, Peter Luczak, and Todd Martin, came through the college system before turning professional. There are many examples of players utilizing the college system as a platform to take their game to the next level.

Do keep in mind, college tennis is not only for players that have professional ambitions. Every person may have a different goal or a different reason for exploring this option. Whether main goal is to get a degree, a tennis scholarship or to experience playing for a university team, a life opportunity will be created.

There are thousands of college options in America across many different divisions and conferences. There are specific requirements that need to be meet for an Australian player to enter into a college system. This process can sometimes be a little daunting and there are people that can give you advice and help make the process a success. If you would like to speak to someone reasoning the process, Damien Ward from Aussie Athletes Agency is a great place to start. He can be contacted on  [email protected] or check out their website

Peter Luczak is one of Australian’s great College Tennis Success stories. Click here to read an article about his journey.

There are also some video testimonials of some of the Vida players who have progressed into college tennis on our site (Click Here). Vida have had more than 25 player make the decision to have their life opportunity in the UA College system.

“If I had to do it again, I would definitely attend Harvard all over. I learned so much in the classroom and outside of it; that the experience will always be invaluable to me.” – James Blake


To find out more information about College Tennis the following website is a great resource.

Tennis Coaching – Tennis Australian Coach Membership

If you have a passion for tennis and a love for teaching then coaching tennis may be an option for you. The following diagram illustrates the coaching pathway here in Australia and you can find out more information by clicking here

Coach Pathway-Sep2013

Vida Tennis Director Kane Dewhurst has been appointed as Lead Facilitator for the Club Professional Coaching Course’s business units and will help grow and develop coaches knowledge across Australia.

“Its a great opportunity to help grow the sport of tennis through the Australian coach network. Tennis is a sport for life and in many cases the coaches are the glue that hold the tennis community together.” – Kane Dewhurst

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