During the first week of the Australian Open, Vida kids from the Altona Tennis Club and Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club got have an on court playing experience. As part of the ANZ Hots Shots program, kids had the opportunity to play tennis on the court before the first match of the day. The Altona kids were even lucky enough to play at Hisense Arena before the Victoria Azarenka V Sloane Stephens match.

A big thank you to Vida coaches Angelo, Kristina and Mark for taking the kids and organizing the days. Thanks also to Adam Crameri from Tennis Victoria and Liz Daly from Tennis Aus for organizing the day.

The lucky Altona kids were; Amelie Barham, Jesmond Beh, Marten Berryman, Olivia Campbell, Lily Joveski, Ella Longaretti, Jesse Longaretti, Gabrielle Pantalleresco, Ethan Minett and Luke Vella.

The Glen Iris kids were; Elijah Kuriel, Charlotte Hall, Daniel Biviano, Caitlin Graham, Jasmine Graham, Joshua Jansen, Pheobe Jansen, Alina Gorr, Claire Sharp & Leon Fei.

Lily and Elijah both got the chance to toss the coin before the start of the match.

Altona 1 Glen Iris 1 Glen Iris 2 Glen Iris 3 Glen Iris 4 Elijah