The Vida Tennis Pro Shop offers products and services throughout the Vida Tennis Club network. Speak to your coach about which product best suits you and you can then use the online order from below by clicking the link beside the product. You will receive a confirmation email and be emailed an invoice with payment options. Your coach will have the product for you the next time you are at the club.

For existing Vida Tennis players we offer a 10% discount of the RRP on all products below (specials and re-strings not included).

Current Pro Shop Specials

  • Click to order Online buttonVolkl Cyclone Reels  RRP $159.95  $129.95
  • Volkl Syn Gut Reels RRP $129.95 Special Price $105
  • Vida Hats RRP $15 Special Price $8.00
  • Mini Hot Shots Nets RRP $145 Special Price $125
  • **All specials DO NOT include shipping**

See all descriptions below – sale ends 2oth March 2015 or until sold out


If you would like a re-string please speak with your coach or contact Justin – [email protected] or 0408 149 252

Costs: Poly (Cyclone) – $40

Syn Gut – $35

Supply String – $20

Junior Racquets

Volkl junior racquetsVolkl 25in GraphiteThe Volkl Evo Junior racquets (picture left) are made from high grade lightweight ‘O’ beam alloy this is a great starter racquet for the tennis stars of tomorrow.

The racquet comes in three sizes, 21 inch, 23 inch and 25 inch.

Cost: $35


The Volkl Organix 6 (25″ Graphite / Alloy Junior) (pictured right) is the next level up from the Volkl Evo with a graph/alloy construction mix, making it the perfect choice for your 9 or 10 year old. Junior players will also enjoy the vibration control handle, which provides exceptional shock absorption.

Size: 25 inch

Cost $60


Volkl Oranix 10 JuniorThe Volkl Organix 10 26inch junior racquet is perfect for the advanced junior player not quite ready for the full length adult racquet. The nearly even balance offers a great blend of power and control. The 98 square inch head combined with the open 16×19 string pattern makes for a large sweet spot with plenty of access to spin. The Vibration Absorber Handle System helps reduce the unwanted shock and vibration you feel on off center hits. This frame is recommended for the advanced junior.

Head Size: 630cm2 or 98 in2
Length: 26 inch
Weight: 250g

Cost: $149.95

Speak to your coach to organise a demo of this racquet.




Mini Nets

Tretorn Mini Nets 3 m

Mini Tennis Nets are easy to assemble and packed in a convenient carry bag which makes it easy to transport from location to location. Well suited for outdoor or indoor modified tennis use. A great way to get the kids started at home in the back yard, in the drive way, at a park or at your local tennis club

Material: Steel / Nylon

Available: 3 meter, 6 meter

Cost: $145

All available Tretorn Street Tennis Pack which includes Mini Net, 2 x 23 inch junior racquets, two foam balls,chalk lines. All you need to play tennis anywhere any time.

Cost: $169


Tennis Balls

Tretorn Red BallTretorn Orange BallTretrn Green BallVida Tennis Balls

Diadora Pro Circuit BallTretorn Serie Tennis Ball

Academy Green Modified Ball

A Mid-Compression ball suited for children aged between 9-10 and adult beginners. ITF approved stage 1 and GREEN ZONE modified Tennis and MUST be used in under 10 competition tennis. Softer and 20% lighter, 25% reduced bounce and 25% reduced speed than a regular tennis ball.

Cost: $29 / dozen or contact us for bulk orders

Academy Orange Modified Ball

A low compression tennis ball suited for children aged 7-8 years old. ITF approved Stage 2 and ORANGE ZONE modified tennis. Softer and 40% lighter, 50% reduced bounce and 50% reduced speed than a regular tennis ball.

Cost $29 / dozen or contact us for bulk orders

Academy Red Modified Ball

An over sized low compression ball made with standard felt optimal for outdoor use. Suited for children aged between 4-7. ITF approved for Stage 3 and RED ZONE modified tennis. 15% larger, 75% reduced bounce and 75% reduced speed compared to regular tennis ball.

Cost $29 / dozen or contact us for bulk orders

Vida Tennis Training Ball

Long life, ITF approved ball, High density English woven felt. Pressure packed clear can.

Cost: $8 per can of 4 or $20 per dozen or $180 per 10 dozen box

Tretorn Serie+ Tennis Ball

Top performance TRI-TEC™ technology ball. Equipped with a thin rubber core and a premium woven felt from Milliken it provides a superior feel and consistent performance. Official ball of the ATP challenger Tour and ATP Tournaments Stockholm Open, Hamburg,

Approved By: Tennis Australia – International Tennis Federation – Swedish Tennis Federation – Federation Françoise de Tennis – Federazione Italiana Tennis – Swiss Tennis. This a a premier tournament ball….. there is no better quality ball in the market because Tretorn are Balls!!

Cost: $12 / can of 4 or $29 per dozen or contact us for bulk orders

Diadora Pro Circuit Tennis Ball

ITF/Tennis Australia Approved, P35 Australian Spec Core, High Density English Woollen Felt, High Visibility Dye, Pressure packed Pet Can

Cost: $12 / can of 4 or $26 / dozen or contact for bulk orders

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Adult Racquets

The Volkl Organix range of racquets – Full integration of mind, body, and racquet.
Organix is high tech carbon nano tubes that surround CNT coated cellulose fibers to obtain elastic properties for more dynamic and power to your game. Due to the explosive springboard effect of the ORGANIX material, it will be loaded up with kinetic energy during initial ball impact and will release it back immediately again due to extraordinary vibration absorbing properties. With the power of carbon nano tubes and the dampening of natural ORGANIX material, it is the most advanced material to date. Click here to view the full range of Organix racquets


Volkl Organix 10     295g     $279.95
Volkl Organix 10     325g     $279.95
Volkl Organix 9       310g     $299.95
Volkl Organix 8       300g     $289.95
Volkl Organix 7       310g     $289.95
Volkl Organix 7       295g     $289.95
Volkl Organix 6       275g     $279.95
Volkl Organix 5       255g      $269.95

Volkl V1 Classic Pro               $239.95
Volkl Team Speed     265g     $189.95
Volkl Team Blast       255g     $229.95

For the full range and individual descriptions of these racquets click here

2014 New Model Release – Organix 9 Super G, Organix 8 Super G, Organix 6 Super G.
Ask your coach about the new and improved models.

Tennis String

Volkl Cyclone SetVolkl Cyclone Tennis StringVolkl Cyclone Reel Black. The Volkl Engineers have developed this unique 20 sided gear shaped string unique to Volkl that will enhance spin without compromising ball speed, control, and durability only found in the highest quality Co-polymer strings. This shape design provides plenty of grab on the ball, adding plenty of spin. The highest grade Co-Polymer material used creates a deeper ball pocket and a more comfortable feel than other Poly’s. This is an absolutely superb product for the price.

Gauge: 16 – 1.30mm / 17 – 1.25mm / 18 – 1.20mm
Length: 40 feet 12.2m / 200M 660ft reel
Construction: Co-polymer polyester monofilament
Colour: Black, Pink, Fluro Yellow
Cost: $10 / set or $129.95 / reel


Volkl Syn gut reelThe Volkl Synthetic Gut string is an all-around performance string with Dura-guard technology for added performance and durability.

Gauge: 15L – 1.35mm / 16 – 1.30mm / 17 – 1.25mm
Length: 40 feet 12.2m / 200M 660 ft
Construction: Co-polymer fibres with Dura-Guard tecnology
Color: Gold Spiral, Silver Spiral, Black, White
Cost: $9 / set or $129.95/ reel

To view the full range of Volkl String please click here

A re-string service is available at each Vida Tennis venue. You can supply your own string or we can provide it for you. Prices start from $20 with your own string.

Tennis Equipment & Fitness

Vida Tennis are able to source all the equipment you often use in your tennis sessions. These include things like ladders, cones, skipping ropes, swiss (fit) balls, medicine balls and more.

Med Balls 1kgMedicine balls are heavy balls that are roughly the size of basketballs. They are a very popular tool for both strength and rehabilitation training. Many athletes use Med for plyometric training in order to increase their explosive strength.

These balls are a great skill acquisition tool in tennis and are available in many different weights: 1kg to 10kgs.

Cost: 1kg $26
2kg $37
3kg $36

You can also get heavier medicine balls with handles for a range of exercises.



Tennis Bags, Grips & Accessories

GripsVida Tennis stock a range of other tennis products such as;

  • Grips (replacement and over grips)
  • Tennis Bags (all racquet bag sizes and backpacks)
  • Racquet Covers
  • Vibration dampeners
  • Coaching baskets
  • Ball pick ups
  • Stringing machines
  • Lead Tape
  • Lobster Ball Machines
  • and more

If there is something tennis you require please email us at [email protected] and we will be able to find it for you.

Tennis Shoes

Coming soon……

lotto raptor ultra          Loto shoes QUARANTA

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