Often the pathways in tennis are not clear from the beginning but making sure the environment is giving “the knowledge to nurture” for your child, anything is possible. The Tennis Australia Hot Shots program has a pathway for taking beginners (age from 3 years old) to competition level tennis. The levels, linked with the colour of the ball (compression & bounce height) and size of the court, help guide the junior player through the early years of their tennis life.

HS Launch Pad Stage HS Red Stage HS Orange Stage HS GReen Stage HS Yellow Stage

The Vida Tennis Certificate program provides step by step progression for your child from when they start tennis and breaks down each of the above stages. Kids get a coloured certificate marking their achievements along the way. To get started on your tennis journey, fill in your details to the right, making sure you list you local Vida Tennis Club.

But whats next; you have moved onto the full court, yellow ball (hard ball) and are playing local junior comp, or OJT Ranking points tournaments, or representing your club / association / school, what now? Where can tennis take you?

There are many end results for the tennis journey, and in coming posts we are going to introduce some of the many Vida players who have gone on to play US College Tennis. Below is an overview of some of the tennis pathway journeys.

 Vida Tennis Pathway 1

Vida Tennis creates life opportunities through the sport of tennis. Whether your goal is personal best, or the world stage, we have a life opportunity waiting for you.

Feel free to contact a Vida Team member if you want more information about any of your options.

Creating Life Opportunities