With the clay court season in full swing, will Rafa Nadal remain the King of Clay in 2013 and win another French Open title?

Over the past four to five years the Nadal / Djokovic match up, has been an amazing tactical battle with both players forcing the other to take their games to new levels. When you throw in Federer and Murray, men’s tennis has never been in a better place. In the below video you will see some great clay court tennis from Nadal and Djokovic over the past years. Here are some things to watch and notice;

  • Djokovic tries to use his incredible movement and stay up in the court to limit Nadal’s time
  • This court position has been one of the major game changes in Novak’s game over the past four to five years. His strength and flexibility have enabled him to be the best in the world at making quality shots at end range and recovering quickly out of the corner.  
  • You will notice in some of the points when Rafa is able to push Novak back in the court, he is able to dominate with his forehand more (that little bit on extra time enables him to run around more balls and take a larger cut at the ball on his forehand)
  •  The movement of both players is amazing both across the line but also the transition up and back in the court to enable more or less time for themselves and their opponents.


So who do you think it will be?

Novak or Rafa, or can Roger, Andy or someone else get the job done on the clay?


Nadal the King of Clay